Hypnosis for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

How Hypnotherapy can help Eliminate Addictions

Hypnotherapy can provide an effective process to assist you in permanently freeing yourself from those addictive behaviors.

Studies have shown that Hypnotherapy can be more effective than simply therapy or a placebo when dealing with substance abuse disorders, behavioral addictions and even chronic pain.

Hypnosis is very helpful to cope with cravings and lower relapses too.

The Hypnotherapist guides the recovering drug-user into a trance-like mental state in which the person is more susceptible to ideas and suggestions. In this state, those being hypnotized can become more imaginative and better at problem solving. In other words, they’re in a prime position to create strategies for conquering their own addictive behaviors.

However, the only way that hypnosis can be effective as a treatment for addiction is if the person being hypnotized really wants to give up their destructive habits and behaviors. The treatment does not change minds or induce new outlooks. Instead, it helps to hone and refine a pre-existing mindset.

After a person who has been struggling with an addiction overcomes the initial hurdle of becoming sober, a new set of challenges emerge. At this point, staying sober is the goal, and doing so requires goal setting, plenty of focus and a healthy dose of positive re-enforcement.

This is where Hypnotherapy really becomes effective. It allows the patient to get involved in the treatment process, letting them explore their own triggers for relapse and giving them tools to deal with cravings should any arise.

Hypnotherapy is especially useful during the post withdrawal phase of treatment. The hardest part of recovery is often staying off of the drugs after the initial treatment period and hypnotherapy can be used to reinforce positive changes to break the addiction. Hypnotherapy can also help an individual to learn new behavioral responses to live without the substance and it’s particularly useful in helping recovered addicts stay on the right track.

Hypnosis helps people relax

The hypnotic trance is a deeply relaxed state, and it’s marked by changes in breathing and even brain patterns. In other words, it changes both the mental and physical state of being.

During this relaxed state, the person being hypnotized is more open to exploring the mechanics of their addiction. This allows them to explore the ebb and flow of their own cravings – with the goal of putting together strategies to overcome them – without any stress or feelings of guilt getting in the way.

Hypnosis is a tool that is used to address the thoughts and behaviors that are related to addiction and can be an effective addition to other alternative treatments.

Because there are relatively few regulations controlling who can and cannot perform hypnotism, it is necessary to do research for the best specialists in Hypnotherapy.

Diane Edwards is owner and operator of the San Diego Hypnosis Clinic. She is a leading authority and recognized expert in all addictive behaviors providing effective, affordable hypnotic services since 1989. As well as being in private practice, Diane has been a consultant at Scripps Hospital for their Stop Smoking program, a teacher and consultant at several institutions and clinics throughout the state and has traveled all over the country offering unique, innovative group programs for both weight and smoking.

Diane has been featured on many radio and television programs and is well-known for giving that personal touch which is so important in helping create deep, quick and lasting change in the shortest time possible.

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