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5 Ways Hypnosis can Help Stress

Stress is divided into two types - the good and the bad.

  The good kind of stress can cause excitement. It raises your heartbeat, elevates blood pressure, and gets you on the alert. It can happen during a meeting, your kid’s soccer game or when you’re doing something you’ve never done before.

  The adrenaline starts pumping in your veins and your thinking becomes sharper, your reflexes faster. However, the good kind of stress goes away after a while and adrenaline levels return to normal, blood pressure stabilizes.

  Now let’s talk about the second type. The bad type of stress is that which is chronic, and leaves you worn out and exhausted because it’s doesn’t stop.

It wreaks havoc on all your bodily functions, sometimes even to the point of manifesting itself in chronic diseases.
Being exposed to cortisol and other stress-related hormones for long periods of time may lead to the following:

• Concentration and memory problems
• Weight gain or weight loss
• Increase in alcohol or any mind-altering substance
• Loss of energy
• Increased blood pressure
• Higher risk of heart disease
• Weak immune system
• Depression
• Type-2 diabetes
• Digestive problems
• Cancer
• Body aches and pains

Most remedies just deal with stress on the surface. If you really want to get a handle on your anxiety, you have to understand what’s causing it so you can pull out the weeds by the roots instead of just trimming the top part.

That’s what hypnosis does. Hypnosis is one of the most effective, and least-understood therapy techniques, despite the fact that it has helped with so many physical and mental ailments.

What are some of the benefits of using hypnosis to treat stress?

1. It’s time-efficient. One of the many benefits is that hypnosis can get right to the source usually during the first session, which is very quick compared to other methods of treatment.

2. Gets to the bottom of things. Through hypnotherapy, you can pinpoint the trigger behind your stress and anxiety. It could be due to a negative past experience, a certain situation that left its mark, or a chronic disease that’s the cause. Regardless, a good hypnotherapist can help you diagnose and treat your stress using hypnosis.

3. It heals the ‘whole’ you. Hypnosis heals the body, mind, and soul as one entity.

4. You’re in control. In spite of what many claim or believe, during hypnosis, you’re awake and remain conscious the entire length of the session. The only part the hypnotherapist plays is to guide the appropriate suggestions of how you’re feeling, where it hurts, and how to get rid of the discomfort. Other than that, the person undergoing hypnosis stays conscious and in control the entire time.

5. Hypnosis helps you feel very calm and relaxed, and be able to handle all situations in a more calm and relaxed way. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel, even after one session.

The reason why hypnosis is successful is because when you’re in a trance, you’re in a state of deep relaxation. That’s when the mind is open to suggestions. It’s a way of unlocking the potential of changing negative thoughts into positive ones, so you can break free of negative habits or behaviors, and learn how to react in a more positive way.

Hypnotherapy can help you change your perception of certain stress-triggers in your life. And since stress is created through your thoughts and perceptions, this method of treatment has created great results by lowering the levels of anxiety and reduces stress. By doing so, you’re on your way to a happier, healthier, more balanced you.

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