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I can't believe I did this...

I have now realized that we NEVER stop ‘learning’ …

I hate to admit that in August 2021 I fell off my bike and broke my shoulder.

The recovery was long and painful but with the help of good physical therapy I’m now a whole lot better.

While going to physical therapy twice a week, I was committed to my daily exercise routine, as painful as it was. I NEVER missed one day!

December, I was done with my visits and now it was up to me to continue the daily exercises.

Me with my bike ---
before accident


I realized that once I wasn’t being held accountable, I just didn’t do it!

Now to me, a supposedly intelligent woman, that’s plain CRAZY!

The healing was going well…

The daily exercises were helping me so much…

So why didn’t I continue?

I realize it was because I wasn’t being held accountable to another person, so no one would know if I didn’t do my exercises.

I’m even embarrassed to admit this behavior because I should know better.

And I DO know better!

But we’re all human and this is something that many of us do!

Because of this realization, I am now back to my daily exercises and I’m now holding myself accountable.

I have to answer to ME and that’s OK!

I thought to myself… If my experience can help someone else understand why they don’t follow through on something they KNOW is good for them… why don’t I share it.

For some reason we, as intelligent, thoughtful and well-intentioned human beings, don’t always hold ourselves accountable.

We could spend a lifetime trying to understand this craziness or just accept it and do something about it!

So, if any of you amazing people out there want to make some changes, and if you need to be held accountable to someone, I can be that someone!

Please let me know if you can relate to this… I want to believe I’m not alone!!!

I'd love to hear if you have ever fallen into this trap!

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