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The Horror of Next Tuesday!

Can you relate...?

Kelly goes into work on Friday and her boss tells her the company needs her to give a short presentation to 50 out-of-town sales reps next Tuesday morning. She has never spoken to so many people before.

Kelly instantly feels terrified.

And now whenever her thoughts turn to next Tuesday she feels terrified.

She is imagining next Tuesday feeling scared and powerless.

All day Friday, when she goes home, all day Saturday, all day Sunday… feeling scared every time she thinks about next Tuesday.

This self-hypnotic self-torture begins to really work.

Pretty soon just the words ‘next Tuesday’ bring on a surge of automatic anxiety.

Kelly has associated the feeling of fear with the thought of next Tuesday’s presentation so often that the two have become inextricably linked.

Not only in her thinking, but in her ‘feeling’.

She would break into a sweat, heart beating faster, dread building up… etc.

People do this kind of negative self-conditioning with all kinds of things from diets to flying to going on dates.

Kelly became so desperate that she had to call in sick that day!

So what happened with Kelly?

Kelly was mis-using her imagination. She was hypnotizing herself into ‘fear’, and did it remarkably well, I might add!

I hope this helps you understand why you might feel scared in certain situations.

It’s because you are practicing negative self-hypnosis.

Of course you never intended to do that… none of us do. And we are usually unaware we are even doing it.

When you realize that this is happening, then you have the power to change it.

When we change our thinking, beliefs, and behaviors we change our life!
Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools to change your life
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