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When Our World Seems to be Falling Apart...

Emotional Trauma:
Unable to do anything to change the situation... feeling helpless

So how do we cope with being locked up at home and still staying calm.

A very important part of this is ‘structure’.

If we know anything about life… if it’s being CEO of a company, taking care of kids, having a job… we know the importance of structure.

Right now the whole sense of time has disappeared.

Most of us have never experienced this before. We’ve always had deadlines, places we needed to be, work to do every day… that sense of structure. We don’t have that now so we need to create it to feel some sort of control.

Everything around us right now is unpredictable.

Trauma is about predictability and trust.

Many of us were traumatized as kids when our parents were unpredictable and we couldn’t trust them to take care of things. We didn’t know from one moment to the next that we were safe. That’s traumatic.

Or some of us trusted our parents completely so it’s even more uncomfortable when life is now so unpredictable and we can’t trust what’s happening.

When life is predictable we can relax. We know what to expect. When it’s not, all our insecurities get stirred up and we’re almost in panic mode. 

Unpredictability is a by-product of trauma, and right now we’re all is this unpredictable state, not knowing what’s going on, what to do, when it might be over…. who to trust!

The one thing that we can do right now, in this world of unpredictability, is to make our own lives as predictable as possible, or even boring.

So my suggestion is that you create a temporary ‘new’ routine so you can have some control over your days.

In other words, don’t be hanging around listening to the news.Only listen once a day, preferably in the morning, and then create a schedule.

Fill your day with things to do. Maybe dig out an old cook book and make something you used to really like. Schedule a zoom or phone conversation, a yoga class, … you know what I mean. Organize your day doing things you can do. Create a more structured day. And also make sure you schedule some physical activity every single day.

For me walking is boring, so now I take a walk and connect with someone on my phone so we can talk while we walk. It’s great! Do some weight-lifting so you can feel strength in your mind… remember the mind-body connection. If you feel strength in your body you’ll feel strength in your mind and vice versa.

Bring out some of your Hypnosis Audios. This is the perfect time to listen to them. If you don’t have any, go HERE and choose one that will help you. (They’re all discounted right now)

We need to control our ‘interior’ lives because our exterior is so unpredictable right now.

We know that when the sun goes behind a cloud or sets for the night, it has not disappeared but is simply temporarily out of sight. In the same way, we can trust that our life will come back to ‘normal, even when we cannot quite see it.

Remember… Hypnosis is very powerful for alleviating anxiety and stopping/changing negative behaviors. Even though I am not in my physical office, I am now doing sessions on the phone or with Zoom.  
CLICK HERE for more info.

If I can help you in any way to get through this crazy time please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have discounted EVERYTHING so I can help you in any way I can. Let’s get through this in the best way we possibly can.

This too shall pass and life will be good again! Think it, believe it, know it to be true and it will be!
Prepare yourself to come out of this situation stronger, braver and ready to take on your life!

Thinking of you all…

Be safe, be strong, be structured,


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Let me know what you think of this article...can you relate?

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