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Ready to make 
some changes?

Hypnosis Really Works!

Experience the Power of Hypnosis

at the San Diego Hypnosis Clinic

founded in 1989 by Diane Edwards

Dear Prospective Client...

Is there something about yourself that you’re not happy with?
Maybe you’ve tried to fix it on your own…
or went after professional help.
But nothing seems to make a difference.


Why not try Hypnosis!


Yes, it’s normal to be skeptical.
That’s why we always offer free consultations.
We help our clients get results every single day.
And we can help you too

Watch this very short video

Why not try Hypnosis?

Consultations are always free with no obligation

You can rely on this Dynamic Team of Skilled Hypnotherapists

You will receive an honest assessment of YOUR specific issue, and if Hypnosis would be a good fit.

Free Consultations - Always!

Some of the Issues that can be resolved with Hypnosis

Weight Loss

Before you start another diet that’s doomed to fail, why not try Hypnosis? No Dieting, No Struggle, No Deprivation!

Using innovative, effective techniques, Hypnosis will help reprogram your subconscious mind so that you will think, act, eat, live and eventually be a slender person. You will be amazed at the results!

Stop Smoking

Have you tried everything to Quit Smoking?
Hypnosis is the quickest, most effective and permanent method to Stop Smoking Permanently!
No Will-Power, No Withdrawals, No Weight Gain!

Call us TODAY and be a

Different Issues

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for change known in the world today. 

If you really want your life to be different, and you’re serious about making changes, Hypnosis can be very successful and very powerful.  You will be guided every step of the way with one of San Diego’s BEST Hypnotherapists.

Hypnosis can help you...

*  Stop self-sabotage
*  Deal with a difficult problem, setback, change, or transition 
*  Remove old negative beliefs
*  Free yourself from old habits or behaviors 
*  Stop smoking or be free of an addiction
*  Lose weight and feel better about yourself 
*  Be free of anxiety and stress and have more joy in your life
*  Heal a minor or major health condition
*  Create relief from an annoying or persistent issue or problem
*  If you are really serious about having your life be different
*  If would just like to know more about Hypnosis….

If we think we can help you, we’ll tell you.
And if we don’t think Hypnosis is the best way for you to go, we’ll tell you that too.
Consultations are always free with absolutely no obligation.

The Benefits of working with a Team
at the San Diego Hypnosis Clinic

*  We use effective techniques based on years of experience working with clients of all kinds
*  Each session is individually prepared just for you
*  Caring, compassionate and non-judgmental support for positive change and healing
*  Many years of combined professional experience 
*  Strong academic training: All our Team are Certified  Registered Hypnotherapists
*  These award-winning techniques have been used and taught all over the country
*  Convenient hours, professional office locations and online sessions available
*  Session rates are by appointment, not by the hour, to ensure you get the most out of each appointment
*  FREE no-obligation, no-pressure initial consultation allows you to discover if Hypnosis is right for you


Get this 8 Minute
‘Take-A-Break’ Audio NOW! 

Absolutely FREE!! 

Reduce the Effects of Stress and Anxiety

This 8 minute Hypnosis Audio will help you take a short timeout from the stresses and strains of everyday life. You will feel totally revived and energized, ready to carry on your day in a more effective, efficient and productive manner.
All you have to do is listen to it!

Yes please! I’d love to try your
8 Minute Relaxation Audio

Hypnosis is one of the most Powerful Tools for Change Known in the World Today!

Meet our Team of Experts

Meet our Team of Experts

Brian Festa

Brian is Wellness Director for the San Diego Opera, with 30 years of experience and certifications in Hypnosis, Massage, Yoga, and Life Coaching. His heart-centered holistic approaches give his clients the life they deserve with the leading edge in subconscious reprogramming.

Kim Balesteri

  Kimberly Balesteri, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has dedicated her career to helping clients create more balance in their lives and uses her toolbox of methods to help with phobias, panic attacks, stress relief, weight loss, pain control and self-sabotage.

Laura Gonzalez

Laura is a Spanish/English-speaking Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Time-Line TherapyⓇ, Reiki, and is an NLP Master Coach. Laura uses these various effective modalities to help people get rid of past inherited negative behaviors, fears and insecurities, helping all her clients make real positive changes.

Meredith Osetek

Meredith Osetek, Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Imagery Master, is compassionate, warm, and highly intuitive. Meredith is skilled at assisting clients of all ages in healing, growing, and moving on from limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Diane Edwards

  Diane Edwards is a highly trained and well-respected Master Hypnotherapist since 1989, recognized as a leading authority in all addictive behaviors. Diane has dedicated her life to helping clients create breakthroughs quickly and effectively.

Please email us with any questions you may have

Mistakes can happen!
If you haven’t received a response within 24 hours
please check your spam folder or call 619-246-9661

Serving the entire San Diego area including: El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Lemon Grove, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Bonita, Coronado, Del Mar, Poway, Encinitas, Escondido, National City, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Imperial Beach, and Solana Beach

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