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What if your best friend told you
that you don’t deserve your dream life?

How would you feel?

What if you were told you that you’re not talented or smart enough?
Or that you won’t ever achieve your goals? 
Would you keep that friend around? Hopefully not.

In reality, the only person you’d tolerate this type of talk from is . . . 


I know it sounds silly to think of friends or family members talking to you like that, because that’s not how we talk to loved ones.

Here’s the crazy thing: If anyone else said negative things about you, they’d probably be out of your life!

It’s actually more destructive when YOU do this to yourself and that’s because you’re with yourself 24/7…. there is no escape.

Most of us have negative internal conversations. I’m sure you’re aware of your inner voice that tells you what you can’t do,
or what you don’t have, or how it won’t work!

Negative self-talk is no new thing, but the struggle is still real.

So...why is the voice inside your head so mean?

Every time a thought enters your mind, you’re either strengthening it or weakening it, depending on the attention you give it.

Thoughts create neuro pathways. Positivity creates positive neuro pathways and negativity creates negative neuro pathways. Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, if we don’t silence the negative mean voice in our heads, we can unintentionally reaffirm or strengthen a lot of limiting beliefs.

The good news is that you can change your thought patterns! 

If you’ve been feeling a little down on yourself lately, this short exercise will counteract your negative self-talk.

Just take some deep breaths, and get into a relaxed state, then follow the steps below:

  • Write down a positive affirmation;
  • Say the affirmation aloud to yourself, and really feel the emotion;
  • Repeat daily, until you’ve convinced yourself that it’s true!

When you use new affirmations, you’re creating new neuro pathways. Don’t worry if you feel yourself disagreeing with the statement… keep saying it!

At first, you may feel some resistance.
If you’re struggling with finances and you say aloud “Money is flowing easily into my life,” you might feel a strong negative reaction, don’t worry — that’s normal. 

Even if it isn’t true yet, repeating a positive statement to yourself provides several benefits.
Telling yourself something like: “I love eating only healthy foods” gets your brain more comfortable with that idea.
The more you rehearse the thought, the more you reinforce the new neuro pathway.

To amplify your results, add emotion, and repetition.

Emotion gives weight to this exercise. Just like heavier weights help you gain strength faster when you exercise, the more emotion you use when saying your affirmations, the more you’re making them stick.

Repetition works! The more you perform an activity, the better you get, and the more comfortable you are with it.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let me know what you think of this article...can you relate?

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