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Instant 5 Second Exercise for Eliminating Worry

Have you ever worried about something TOO MUCH?

Ever gotten to the point where you just want to “switch off” those negative thoughts and anxieties, at least for a few minutes?

Today, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that.

Last night, I couldn’t get to sleep.

For some reason, my mind kept circling back to a past negative situation.

We’ve all had those times…

… times when we’ worry too much and this negative thinking affects our normal lives.

Maybe you’re concerned about money, health, family, career, or something else.

Well, you can immediately dissolve any such problematic emotions with a really simple exercise.

So here's what I did last night...

Step One:

First, I remembered the thought: “I am not my emotions. I experience emotions. But I am not my emotions.

Step Two:

Then I visualized all of the worrying thoughts in my head, and imagined them wrapped up inside a little red ball — and that red ball was drifting outside of my head.

I instantly felt a calming, a release, as the thoughts were “removed.”

Step Three:

And then… I imagined taking that same red ball, and throwing it far off into the distance, never to be seen again. As I did so, my sense of calm increased still further.

Step Four:

Repeat until you feel totally clear and free of all uncomfortable emotions and thoughts.

The technique took 15 seconds.

When finished, I checked in with myself.

My mind was totally calm.

No worry, fear, anxiety. No troubling emotions. No obsessive thoughts.

I felt totally relaxed. And for me, in that chilled out zone, I dropped straight off to sleep.

Sound too simple to actually work?

This easy 4-step, 15-second technique can be used any time you’re troubled by an emotion you just want to get rid of.

Try it the next time your mind is running riot with its crazy thoughts.

You might just surprise yourself!

Let me know what you think of this article...can you use it?

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