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What REALLY gets in the way
of Successful Weight Loss?

It’s a known fact that most people who lose weight on a diet gain it back within 3 years or less (sad but true…)

And I’ve also said that unless you change the way you ‘think’, dieting will never work as a long term solution.

Losing weight has become a cultural obsession and sometimes it seems like nothing will ever work.

You might have a massive desire to be thinner so what gets in your way… time and time again?

Clearly something is missing… some hidden reason WHY you’re not being successful at having a body that you feel proud of.

Is it exercising more or doing a certain kind of exercise? Should you stop eating carbs or sugar or eat more carbs? Or go vegan or eat more meat?

We are being overwhelmed with contradictory advice which always seems to be saying something different.

So who do we listen to?
While healthy eating and being active are very important, where we need to start is so often ignored and unrecognized that you’ll most likely be shocked to find out what it is.
What’s getting in your way is your subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns and the negative thoughts about yourself…
These limiting beliefs and emotions are literally controlling your behaviors. The problem is… they are playing in the background and so often we’re not even aware that they’re there.
You can’t expect ‘different’ with the same old way of ‘thinking’
Have you ever made a plan to eat healthy and then you find yourself eating a pint of ice cream?
You seem to do well in the beginning but for some reason it all falls apart and you’re back to Square 1!
It might feel as if you have so little control when in fact it’s your subconscious emotions of fear, resentment, anger, guilt that can hijack your best intentions. This is an essential piece of the weight-loss puzzle that you have not realized is crucially important, and essential, if you want to get positive results.
It’s all about what’s going on UNDERNEATH the surface that’s preventing you from sticking to your healthy eating and exercise plan.
Let me ask you this….Why is it that some people who know SO much about nutrition and what to eat or not to eat and have access to any and all source of help that’s there, still struggle? (I’m thinking of people like Oprah Winfry)

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