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Why most people NEVER achieve their Goals

Don't just SET Goals... ACHIEVE them!

We all have creative minds! I’d admit some more creative than others but the truth is… we’re always giving birth to new thoughts and ideas every waking moment.

We choose a goal and then create the specific steps to move toward them.

In the beginning our goals become almost like laser-focused dreams.

So why don’t we often get there?

You must understand your goals by understanding yourself first

If you feel stuck in struggling to achieve your goals over and over again, then changing the strategies and plans won’t help you at all.

Relying solely on the knowledge that comes from what you’ve done before will only attract more unpleasant feelings and confusion.

That’s because we are a product of our past limiting belief systems and patterns.

Since early childhood we all have been subconsciously programmed with many negative programs and ideas.

In other words, our lives are governed by our ways of thinking.

As we take a deep look into our habitual responses we become more aware of our automatic triggered feelings and emotions.
Behind those emotional triggers lies our limiting thoughts.

The solution to this problem is to plant a NEW thought or idea into the subconscious mind.
(Just like placing a new program into a computer)

When we want to create a new result, we need to do it different than before, and it needs to done through repetition.

This is done by practicing NEW and different  affirmations and changing our self-talk on a daily basis.

The Importance of Setting Clear Goals:

In order to move toward our desired outcome, we must…
write the goal down in a specific and clear way by answering this question…

WHY do I want to achieve this goal?

This WHY question is crucial because it leads you to your REAL reasons for having this goal and achieving it.
It is your fuel, your motivator.

And you must be able to picture it so vividly in your mind that you can almost ‘feel’ it.

Create a personal mantra for your goal to make it even stronger.

How would you FEEL when you accomplish this goal?
How would you talk, walk or dress on your path to success?
Focus on the process, not the results. Let your creative imagination guide you.

And most important...You MUST have LASER Focus!

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools to change the old negative belief-systems and guide the mind to this laser-focus.

When we change our thinking, beliefs, and behaviors we change our life!
Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools to change your life
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