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Is your Past Blocking your Future?

Is your ‘Today’ defined by your ‘Yesterday’?

Our choices today are always defined by our past

Does it seem like your past experiences are calling the shots?

Here’s how it works:

When we’ve had a bad day or a bad experience, we put that into our “future”.

We want to be prepared just in case it happens again.

Or if we’ve had a great day and something good happened. We store that past experience in the future, too.

So essentially, we take our experiences from the past—and put them in front of us.

The paths we take are well-worn because we take them every day.

They create grooves that our own experiences, good or bad, have made for us;

Even when we know something is not working,
we find ourselves sticking to old, automatic behaviors.

Like struggling with diets when we know that diets have never worked for us.

Behaviors established long ago are not always consistent with who we are today.

If we’re going to create something new—in our relationships, in our work, in our lives.

It’s a matter of creating a NEW groove that is inconsistent and different to the old ones.

In other words, we need to create new ‘wiring’!

Trying to resist or avoid the enormous influence of our past unfortunately keeps us focused on it.

Yet it’s difficult to leave it behind because we don’t realize the hold it has on our present lives.

Unfortunately that results in a “today” that’s littered with all the stuff of the past.

Make sense?

We need to be aware of the attachment and familiarity to what we’ve repeatedly been doing and thinking.

This is what kept us stuck.

It takes practice, courage, and a new way of thinking to be able to give up old, unproductive ways of being.

The more we focus on the NEW that we want in our lives, the better our chances of getting it.

Remember, what you think, you create.

So let’s get the past out of your future so you can create your life the way you WANT it to be.
When you feel safe giving up what doesn’t work, the easier it is to create what DOES work!

And Hypnosis is one the best tools for transformation known in the world today.

I have 30+ years of helping people make changes and I can help you too!

Call me today or fill in the form below and let me know what’s going on. If I think I can help you I’ll tell you and if I don’t think Hypnosis is right for you, I’ll tell you that too! So youhave absolutely nothing to lose.

I look forward to seeing oyu on the other side!

Let me know what you think of this article...can you relate?

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