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The old book that changed my life!

Every day, they would step into his office...

People with crooked noses. Sagging skin. Slightly protruding ears. Disfigured hands.

They came to Dr Maxwell Maltz to be fixed.

And so this famed cosmetic surgeon would get the patient under the knife and perform the procedure.

They would be “fixed.”…so they thought!

Some would experience a dramatic change. Their confidence would increase. They’d become happier, and feel they were more able to fulfil their dreams, as this ‘better version’ of themselves.

However, many returned to Dr Maltz’s office several months later with the same problems as before.

The person would leave the hospital with a newly-straightened nose, or pinned-back ears.

They said they didn’t feel any different. They complained their nose was still crooked, even when ruler-straight. They felt stuck and unhappy and discouraged.

So, for some people, surgery made all the difference. It fixed the “outer” world.

Yet for others, surgery did nothing.

Dr Maltz wrote all about this phenomenon in a very well-known book called

You’ve probably heard of it. That’s the book that changed my life. Not so much the book but the concept.
That’s what guided me into becoming a Hypnotherapist.

He realized that many of those looking for surgery were lacking in self-acceptance and self-esteem.

My old well-read
worn-out Book!

They lived in what I call the ‘if only’ world.

If only I was thinner…
If only I looked different…
If only I had more of something … or less of something…

Unfortunately ‘If only’ could go on forever!

In over 30 years of private practice, I hear this concept almost on a daily basis.

What people don’t realize is they need to change how they view themselves from the inside.

Many of the issues we each have with our personal image can be traced back to the fact
that we don’t truly accept ourselves as we are.

Does that sound like you?

How do you view yourself?

That self-acceptance… self-belief… self-esteem… (or lack of…) is really at the heart of why we’re (possibly)
not at peace in our world.

With self-esteem, we’re able to surpass the shallowness of what we physically look like… or where we are
in our life. We’re able to move beyond the limitations of what others think and try to impose on us.

With strong healthy self-estem we become solid, loving, appreciative accepting individuals who are on a course
to achieve their personal best… no matter what.

I believe that self-esteem and self-acceptance is at the heart of everything.
It’s the first step toward becoming at peace in our world.


if you need some help with being more accepting of yourself (and others) please give me a call and together
we will dissolve some of your old negative beliefs so you CAN be the person you truly deserve and desire to be.

Let me know what you think of this article...can you relate?

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