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C - A - L - M

Would you like to Create A Lighter Mind  (C-A-L-M)

       A LIGHTER MIND can…
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Lower blood pressure
* Improve cognitive function
* Work better under stress
* Heighten creativity
* Strengthen relationships
* Enhance sex life
* Boost the immune system
* Lower risk of disease
* Increase feelings of empowerment
* Help your mind process better
and a whole lot more…

From the political situation to covid, to managing the stress and overwhelm of everyday life, we have more to deal with than ever before. Life often feels overwhelming and exhausting so we need tools to help deal with stress quickly, in the same amount of time it can take for all hell to break loose!

We need a way to recover from stress quickly and easily and then be able to hand these tools over to our family and friends to help them too. If this 1 Minute Mental Workout works for you please pass it on.

Introducing the 1 Minute  C-A-L-M  Workout

Most people these days are over-medicated and look for external fixes. 

What if, instead, we could tap into our bodies’ internal healing mechanisms to transform from the inside-out?

I’m sure you’ve heard wise advice, such as  “You should meditate for 20 minutes every day” but so many of us, including me, do not have the patience or time to do this. Yet we want the results!!

Committing to a practice of micro-calmness—that is… very short periods of mindfulness many times each and every day—may be our best path to a transformational, life-changing practice.

I have the perfect Solution for you…
I call it the 1 Minute C-A-L-M Workout. It goes like this:

(Read through this once before doing the exercise)

Step #1

Close your eyes and take 2 slow deep breaths.
Allow yourself to be still for just a moment:
Relax your shoulders, arms and hands.
Think of your Heart ‘dancing’ and say to yourself “I have a Happy Heart”
Say it twice.
Take in 1 slow deep breath and exhale slowly.

Step #2

Then think of the energy that’s all around you and say
“Positive energy always surrounds me”
Say it twice.
Take in 1 slow deep breath and exhale slowly.

Step #3

Finally say to yourself “I have a Peaceful Mind”
Say it twice.
Take in 1 slow deep breath and exhale slowly and slowly open your eyes.

Be creative and change any of the Affirmations to ones that might suit you better.

Remember... when you Change your Mind you Change your Life!

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