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Mind Games

Try out some Mind Games....

This is a small example to show you how the mind can play tricks with you.
Just in case you didn’t realize it, everyone sees life differently. 
Similar to the pictures below, in life things are not always as they appear.

How do YOU perceive these pictures?

Some people see a vase, others see two faces.
Which do you see?
Are the horizontal lines parallel or do they slope?
Actually, these lines are all perfectly straight. Interesting?
How many legs does this elephant have?
Sorry, I can’t quite figure this one out either.
Is the left center circle bigger than the right?
No, actually they’re both the same size
Count the black dots
If you have a problem with this one …. don’t worry! Me too!
Look at the chart and say the color, not the word.
Your right brain tries to say the color, but your left brain insists on reading the word. Another interesting one!
Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backward and forward.
It’s strange how the circles appear to move.
Do you see a side view or half a face?
It's interesting how we see both!
This is an interesting one!
Look at the 3 Pictures below. They look like they're moving...
They are NOT moving... it just looks that way!

Just like the pictures above, the situations in our life are not always as they appear.
That’s why it’s very possible for people to see the same situation completely different!

Hypnosis can help you look at your situation from a very different perspective,
so you can finally understand why you react the way you do.
Then, and only then, you can make the changes you want to make.

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