How to Prepare to Stop Smoking Easily

You’ve now scheduled your Appointment.

Only tell those people that you think will support you. It’s perfectly OK if you choose NOT to tell anyone.

CLICK HERE to complete the Client Registration Form and bring it in with you.

Write a list of all the reasons why you want to be a NON-smoker and bring it with you.

Reduce your smoking just a little. It helps to lower the amount of nicotine in your blood stream and brain.

Become more aware of each cigarette and the triggers that precede it.

You will receive 3 hypnotic MP3 audios for reinforcement. These recordings can be used on a cell phone or iPad. Please let me know if you prefer CD’s.

Make sure you are prepared to listen to the reinforcement recordings at home, after your hypnotherapy session.

Stop buying cigarettes! Take from others if necessary.

Discard your cigarettes. Do not binge smoke before your session.

Begin to imagine yourself as a NON-smoker… Fantasize!

No caffeine for a few hours before appointment.

Remember, success is your only option!

Congratulations… You’re now on your way to being
a Happy Healthy NON-Smoker!